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Refund policy
The product that is on sale on selfmassager.com website can be returned during first 7 days only if it is damaged. 100% money back guarantee. The product must be returned during the refund period (7 days) to the shipping address provided with the product. Person, ordering this product, understands that all rights to view product and to resale rights suspends after the product is returned for refund.

Selfmassager.com has complete liability to give the buyer a refund during the refund period. If person does not contact the selfmassager.com during refund period, he or she agrees that the selfmassager.com may interpret silence as full and final acceptance of the product with no further rights to refund.

Selfmassager.com has no liability to reship the package or issue a refund if package is lost by customer's fault (for ex., wrong shipping address). If customer has missed the package (forgot to take it from the post office) and it was reshipped back to the provider, customer may ask selfmassager.com to re-send the package again or issue a refund. Customer fully understands that if he asks to reship the package, he must pay additional shipping fee. If customer asks to issue a refund, selfmassager.com will return only the package price (without shipping fee).

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